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Product & Technology

Product and technology divisions are what drive new ideas and innovation for companies. The right talent can help develop, create, and maintain cutting edge technology that will transcend a company. Organizations that are trying to be more agile and efficient realize that it starts with hiring the right talent for their team.


Technology skillsets are the most in-demand backgrounds in 2020 and are set to keep growing. Over a 10-year period (from 2018 to 2028), the open tech jobs number is expected to grow by 15 percent, which is higher than the projected overall U.S. employment job growth rate of 10.5 percent. The bulk of those positions will be for Developers, Data Science, and AI professionals.


Darmor Partners can help match companies with specialized technology and product skillsets in the following areas:

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Product Marketing Positions


Product Managers

Product Insights

Product Owners


Product Marketing


Software Developers

Software/Data Engineers



Network Administrators

Quality Assurance Engineers

Web & Applications

Web Developers

App Developers

Java/.Net Developers

iOS/Andriod Developers

Full Stack Developer

Database Developer/Administrator

Data Science

Data Analyst


Data Scientist

Data Engineer/Data Architect

Machine Learning Engineer

NLP Engineer

Network, Support & Hardware

Computer and Information Systems

Network/Security Engineers


Help Desk

Technical Support

Network Engineer/Administrator

Project Management & Operations Positions

Technical Project Managers

Operations Leads

Support Staff

IT Coordinators

Cloud Computing

Cloud Architect

Cloud Product and Project Manager

Cloud Services Developer

Cloud Software and Network Engineer

Cloud System Engineer

Executive Leaders

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

And much more

Are you a company looking to hire premier product & technology talent? We’d love to help.