About Us - Darmor Partners - A Leading Recruiting Firm
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About Us

Learn about our history and work

Our Mission

As times change and industries evolve, it is more critical than ever for recruitment strategies to be more comprehensive and agile. We pride ourselves on consistently finding new ways to attract talented people and developing new, customizable recruitment methods for our clients.

Darmor Partners was founded in 2019 with two guiding principles:

To be a strategic recruitment partner for companies so that we can enable them to attract the best talent.

To be a trusted advisor for candidates during their major life decision of changing jobs/careers.

We specialize in identifying qualified candidates with skill sets in Technology, Product Management, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, and Sales. Our team works with companies of all sizes, from small to midsize companies all the way up to Fortune 100/500.




We operate as an extension of your recruiting function, from working with your business to determine the specific opening and skillset you are seeking, to delivering the best talent the market has to offer. We can assist with the following searches:


Whether companies have seasonal work, special projects, or a pressing deadline and need temporary assistance, we can deliver. Increase staff temporarily when needed with the flexibility to adjust based on your teams fluctuating workload

Contract to Hire

Unsure whether you need a consultant for an extended assignment or a permanent employee? Contract to hire gives businesses the flexibility to add additional headcount while they assess their long-term needs.

Direct Hire

For clients who demand precisely matched skill sets to meet their specific requirements. Our Direct hire team delivers high-quality professionals that are precision-matched to your specific needs.

Executive Search

Exceptional leadership spearheads organizations and delivers results for shareholders. We take pride in our executive relationships and handle every search with complete discreetness and sensitivity

Our Recruitment Process


Every business has different needs, which is why we take a tailored approach to every search. Our professional team of Recruiters and Researchers will provide your business with a consultative hands-on approach carried out in 7 phases


Job Analysis

In our initial meeting, our team will walk through the job description with you, enabling us to get a greater understanding of the skillset needed for this position. If you do not have a clearly defined job profile for a search, we can also offer our assistance in crafting an eye-catching job description that clearly outlines the responsibilities of your open role. We will also meet key stakeholders and members of the team to get a better understanding of the ideal candidate profile. This enables us to customize our search and define a search strategy specific to your company’s requirements, timeline, work culture, and company mission. We take pride in getting to know your business as if it were our own.


After we define the appropriate job profile with your team, we define a strategy and start researching your industry, competitors, and ideal candidate profiles. We utilize various sourcing tactics to reach the right candidates. We believe using our existing relationships and network of candidates/clients is one of our best resources. Our recruiters will also utilize talent networks such as industry referrals, our internal database of vetted candidates, major social networks, and all job boards to identify and target a ``hot list`` of candidates.


After we have identified a hot list of candidates, our team will discretely start our outreach. All candidates are rigorously screened and strategically interviewed by members of our team. We conduct initial intake interviews in-person or on video, followed by a comprehensive assessment of their skillsets. Our team will specifically delve into each candidate’s background history, career goals, motivation for leaving, and career aspirations. For technical roles, we can require testing to see how a candidate’s programming or computer skills align with the requirements of the role. We take pride in our vetting process, which is why we interview and assess every candidate for the specified needs of the role they are being submitted for. We will never formally submit a candidate that we have not rigorously evaluated.


Even though we recommend a streamlined and efficient interview process in this job market, we do understand some companies have stricter interview guidelines than others. From our experience, we know that having multiple team members needing to interview, coordinating with colleagues in other offices or time zones, scheduling candidate travel or other administrative tasks regarding your open role can all be time-consuming and potential roadblocks to hiring efficiently. That is why our team can manage all the complex administrative functions that arise during the hiring process. This allows your team members and employees to focus on the bigger picture.

Due Diligence

We understand some companies have their specific policies concerning background checks and verifications, which is why our level of involvement during this step of the process varies depending on the company policy of each client. Whether you need a comprehensive background check, certification or license(s) verification, or additional reference checks, we can assist. Through our partnership with HIRERIGHT ©, we have the capability of conducting specific a la carte screening or a comprehensive panel of checks i.e employment and degree verification, SSN check, State/Federal, security clearance, driving record, and much more


We understand that negotiations can be a challenge, which is why we offer our guidance with no added sales pressure. If needed, our recruiters are all equipped with the latest market information to help create salary parameters and assist with delivering a competitive and compressive compensation package. Once an offer is accepted, our team will help establish a start date and an onboarding plan to ensure a successful transition. We will also monitor the resignation process and help minimize the possibility of counteroffers by the candidate’s employers.

Follow Up

A successful placement for our team is achieved when both our clients and candidates are satisfied with their decision. Candidate retention is top of mind for all of our clients which is why pride ourselves on our twelve-month retention check-in. During the following twelve months after a successful placement, we will do periodic check-ins to ensure everything is working out smoothly for both parties. We will ask our clients to monitor a candidate's progress by comparing them to goals that were outlined at the beginning of the search and we will ask our candidates to engage in a survey about their decision. From the start of every search, we position ourselves as a trusted partner to your business, and we hold ourselves to that even after our search is completed.